Student Nationality Graduation Year Opinion

Niraj Kumar Jha

 India  2014 "Master's study in computational engineering at Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) offers a variety of subjects applicable to computational mechanics" more

Velammal Somasundaram

India 2011

The complete staff was always with us to share their ideas and to help us solve potential problems.

Yang Hui Hui, Yang chinese 2008

"Here I not only have the opportunity to access the latest computational engineering technology, but I also have the possibility to combine theory and practice by doing project works and case studies." more

Lenan Muric Muric, Lenan serbian 2007

"The high quality of the teaching personnel enabled me to obtain knowledge of

the latest scientific achievements in different areas of Computational Engineering." more

Gagan Syal Syal, Gagan indian 2008 "This "platform", rather it's a "runway", makes us fly in this beautiful world of technology." more