Student rooms are located in the vicinity of the Ruhr-University. The Academic Support Group (AKAFÖ) offers apartments and rooms from EUR 170,- per month. Further there is the possibility to rent a room in a private hostel. In living expenses amount to approximately EUR 600,- per month in total.

Most student houses have long waiting lists (6-12 months) and if you are too late, you have no chance to get a room with them. It is possible to apply for accommodation although you don’t know if you will be accepted for the Master course. Therefore you should apply for the accommodation at the same moment as you apply for the Master programme. If you get admitted for Computational Engineering you have to contact the responsible persons of the student houses. They will tell you what to do next and if you have to hand in any documents. If you don't get admitted for the Master course, your application for accommodation will be rejected automatically.

If you know the date on which you are arriving in Bochum, make an appointment with your future landlord, so that when you arrive, you can directly sign the contract and move into your new home. If you want to move houses later, you usually have to cancel the contract. The cancellation period differs. Usually you have to cancel the contract 1-3 months in advance. At certain student houses you can only move out at certain times (e.g. after the semester finished). Please check the cancellation period of your contract. If you are unsure what kind of cancellation period you have, ask a German to translate that clause for you.

Student Houses of AKAFÖ


The student union AKAFÖ offers apartments and single rooms in 18 different student houses.

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Please note: The application is only a registration and does not guarantee that you will get a room at AKAFÖ.

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148 single rooms 11 m², 165 EUR,
16 apartments 30 m², 290 EUR