Centre of Fine Arts (Musisches Zentrum)

mensa_1The academic office of support (AKAFÖ) offers a wide variety of modern catering services in their canteens and cafeterias, restaurants, bistros and coffee bars for students, academic staff and guests visiting the universities and colleges. Our services are tailored to the diverse requirements of our guests. Besides the traditional canteen focussed on lunchtime catering, our cafeterias offer an appetising range of sweet and substantial snacks or smaller meals as well as a wide selection of hot and refreshing drinks. (English/German)


kunstsamThe Centre of Fine Arts (Musisches Zentrum) provides the possibility to be active in art related activities like painting, singing in a choir, photogaphing, playing an instrument in an orchestra and much more. (German)


    Centre of Foreign Language Training

BoSKop („Bochumer Studentische Kulturoperative“) promotes cultural acitivities at the RUB. It offers several courses and workshops, art exhibitions, jazz and blues sessions and much more. (German/English)

The Centre for Foreign Language Training provides courses in German as a foreign language and also courses in several other languages. Usually you have to register for the courses at the beginning of each semester. The service is provided free of charge.

For more information visit (English/German)


    Consulting office for foreign students
    Computing Service Centre (Rechenzentrum)

The academic office of support (AKAFÖ) und the representation of the students (AStA) offer a consultation service (AKAS) for all foreign students at the university of Bochum. (English/German)

The Computing Service Centre (Rechenzentrum) provides help with problems with the university data network and gives authorisations for the university computer network. (German)


    Printing Service Centre (Druckzentrum)

The universities offers several libraries to its students. Your student card will give you access to the main university library. Some departments and most institutes also have their own libraries (some institute libraries do not lend out books, but you can make copies or read inside the library). Another possibility is to borrow books from the library of Fachhochschule which is very near to the university. (English/German)

Printing Service Centre (Druckzentrum) offers all kind of services related to the production of media documents. (German)


    Sport facilities
    Student secretariat

The university offers several sport facilities. The programme of each semester can be found at

At the website of the student secretariat you will find all information around studying at the RUB. (German)