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Project SprachStunde is an initiative that was implemented by the Student Council and the Coordination Office of Computational Engineering, and was launched in Summer Semester, 2015. The aim of this project is to help the international students of the program in improving their German speaking skills.

The idea is that the students meet in small groups of four to five and interact completely in German with a native German speaker, called a mentor, who is a volunteer with the project. The students are divided into groups based on their proficiency in German.

The meetings last an hour, and consist of conversations that would occur in daily life, which helps the students in gaining better fluency in spoken German. These meetings are very informal and usually take place outside the classroom, for instance in a café.

Apart from improving your language skills, this project also aims to improve interaction between the international students and the German students. Some group activities are also conducted in and around Bochum, which help the students learn more about German culture and society, and helps to better integrate into it.


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We are in the process of expanding the project, so we’re always looking for more volunteers! Students from any faculty, who are native speakers of German, can volunteer, and knowledge of English is not necessary. A volunteer should be ready to participate for at least 2 hours each week i.e. two SprachStunde sessions. There is a lot of flexibility so that the volunteers can choose when they would like to conduct these meetings. The project lasts for the entire semester, and the volunteers should be ready to participate for the duration of the project.




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Benefits of Being a Volunteer

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Every volunteer who participates for the duration of the project will receive an official certificate from Computational Engineering, confirming their social engagement. This can be a good extra-curricular activity that can add value to a candidate’s curriculum vitae. The current CompEng family has students from the entire world, representing over 20 countries globally, which makes for a massive amount of diversity and gives one a truly international cultural experience.



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How to Become a Mentor    


Please write us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


Some Feedback from SS 2015:    



Being an international student in Germany means you may not always get opportunities to practice and improve your German. The only places I used to speak in German were the supermarkets or where they cannot speak English and this lack of practice was affecting my German in a very bad way. This was not the case just with me. People with no German knowledge were finding it very difficult to communicate. Although we have had 3 hrs of a German course once a week with 15-20 other international students, it didn’t help me much as not everyone would get an opportunity to speak at all times. That was when the idea of a German session came up.

For the past 1 semester we have been having a once week session of German with native Germans. We have had discussions in German on a variety of topics depending on our groups’ level. The SprachStunde sessions we’ve had for 1-2 hrs every week were organized in groups of no more than 5 of us. This gave all of us an opportunity to speak. And since none of these sessions were conducted as a classroom-course it was also interesting. This friendly and open way of learning and improving our language has helped me gain a better command over the language. Besides improving my language, I also got to know a little about the dialect in our region.