On the following pages you can find information about our graduated students.

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Below, you find a representative selection of students, who studied Computational Engineering in Bochum.


Name: Dr.-Ing. Sandra Ilic

Country: Serbia

Graduated: M.Sc. in 2002 and Dr.-Ing. in 2007

Working as postdoc at Lehrstuhl für Allgemeine Mechanik, Ruhr-University Bochum,Germany.

Homepage: http://www.am.bi.ruhr-uni-bochum.de


Name: M.Sc. Van Vinh Nguyen

Country: Germany (Vietnamese family)

Graduated: 2005

Working at the Institute for Computational Engineering at the Ruhr-University in Bochum, Germany

Position: Research assistant working on optimization methods for simulation-based design problems

What I liked about the programme in Bochum: I liked the international atmosphere of this Master programme where I met students from all over the world, the high quality of the lectures and the wide range of subjects.

Homepage: http://www2.inf.bi.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/


Name: M.Sc. Murat Artim

Country: Turkey

Graduated: 2007

Working for Airbus as fatigue and damage tolerance engineer in Bremen, Germany.

What I liked about the programme in Bochum: The curriculum of master's course is composed of a very fine tuned mixture of theoretical lectures and practical programming tasks. I believe this is essential for developing key skills for being able to take part in competitive and high-tech industries such as aerospace and automotive.


Name: M.Sc. Sudarat Worapittayaporn

Country: Thailand

Graduated: 2007

Working at AREVA NP GmbH (Nuclear Power Generation), Nuremberg, Germany

Position: CFD Engineer (calculation of combustible gas distribution and combustion in the reactor building in case of a severe accident)


Name: M.Sc. Huy Minh Nguyen

Country: Vietnam

Graduated: 2007

Working as project engineer at Blohm + Voss GmbH (a company of Thyssen-Krupp Marine) in Hamburg, Germany

What I liked about the programme in Bochum: I deeply focused on structural analysis with FEM tools. It really helps me a lot in my challenging job now


Name: M.Sc. Govind Singh

Country: India

Graduated: 2007

Working as consultant engineer (design and optimization of aircraft systems) at EADS Military Air Systems, Manching, Germany

What I liked about the programme in Bochum: This course gave me excellent knowledge of computational methods and exposure to industrial applications through its top class faculties and facilities.


Name: M.Sc. Ali Javili

Country: Iran

Graduated: 2007

Working at the Institute of Applied Mechanics at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany

Position: Research assistant working on a finite element framework for continua with boundary energies
What I liked mostly about the course in Bochum was the interrelation between the offered lectures and highly qualified lecturers.

Personal homepage: http://www.ltm.uni-erlangen.de/Mitarbeiter/Javili/Javili.htm


Name: M.Sc. Raul Cano Villanueva

Country: Columbia

Graduated: 2007

Working as CAE-Engineer at Black & Decker (Power Tool Manufacturer) in Germany.

What I liked about the programme in Bochum: Quality teachers, good facilities. The reputation of the Bochum University

Homepage: http://www.blackanddecker.com


Name: M.Sc. Vasko Kokalanov

Country: Macedonia

Graduated: 2008

Working as research assistant at the Faculty for Computer Science in Stip, Macedonia.

What I liked about the programme in Bochum: The teaching staff is fully dedicated to the students and they are ready at any time to help the students learn something new, even if it is something which is out of the content of their subjects.

Homepage: http://inf.ugd.edu.mk/index.php?lang=en


Name: M.Sc. Viet Duc Dang

Country: Vietnam

Graduated: 2008

Working for the Institute of Transportation Science and Technology in Hanoi, Vietnam.

What I liked about the programme in Bochum: My general engineering backgrounds are much improved after the course. This is really important for my current work and future study orientation.

Homepage: http://www.itst.gov.vn


Name: M.Sc. Hui Yang

Country: China

Graduated: 2008

Working as web developer in the web team of the IT department of QIAGEN GmbH.

What I liked about the programme in Bochum: I liked the block seminars most. Because in these projects I had chance to implement what I have learned in lectures and got deeper understanding during the process of solving problems.

Homepage: http://www.qiagen.com


Name: M.Sc Dieu Linh Quan

Country: Vietnam

Graduated: 2008

Working at the Institute of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics at the Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany

Position: Research assistant working on computational fluid dynamics

What I liked about the programme in Bochum: Computational Engineering provided me key qualifications to work in high-tech engineering science