Name Country Gender Topic GPA
Manish Hassan Nagaraj India male Estimating the effective thermal conductivity of carbon nanocomposites using analytical and computational models


Vladislav Gudzulic Serbia male Computational modelling of fiber flow during casting of fresh concrete 0,8
Sahir Nawaz Butt Pakistan male Wave dispersion and propagation in state-based peridynamics 0,9
Golnaz Hoormazdi Iranian female Discrete Particle Method: Software setup, programming and testing 1,2
Abedulgader Baktheer Yemen male Simulation of heat transfer due to active temperature control of the reference structure "Brücke am Nordfriedhof" in Düsseldorf


Tagir Iskhakov Russian male Fracture propagation modelling using peridynamic theory 1,0
Pramod Murali Mohan Indian male Aerodynamics of a bridge deck using LES: Numerical and experimental validation 1,1
Xiangyu Cui Chinese male A single crystal beam bent in double slip 1,2
Asim Ullah Khan Pakistan male Numerical implementation and validation of peridynamic models in solid mechanics 1,3
Ibrahim Kaleel Indian male Numerical simulation of micro-scale models using finite element methods 1,3
Ekaterina Turchenko Russian female Automated data proceeding and ist application to creep experiments 1,3
2012 Nikolin Kuteli Albanian male Strength upscaling for lightweight concretes based upon the LCC method 0,9
Ehsan Adeli Iranian male Investigation of Markov Chain Monte Carlo method for parameter identification of nonlinear structures 1,0 Robin van de Kamp German male Finite element analysis of bearing stiffness and its influcence on modal parameters of a machine diagnosis system with experimental validation 1,3
Panpan Luo Chinese male Stress state measurements of passive and active temperature cycle 1,3
Fatemi Dehagahani Peyman Iranian male Error estimation for the finite element analysis of multiphase materials 1,3
Sima Farazi Iran female Application of smoothed particle hydrodynamics to non-newtonian fluid flow 0,9
Ildar Khisamitov Uzbekistan male Stabilized low-order finite elements and their applications to strain localization problems in poro-plastic media 1,0
Isfahani Ebrahimzade Iran male A finite element approach for simulating dynamic recrystallization on polycrystalline materials 1,0
Sarat Maharjan Nepal male Structural analysis of a curved light-weight noise barrier wall with transparent elements with particular consideration of dynamic actions due to high speed trains 1,3
Mikhail Kudryavtsev Russia male A compact parametric magnetic resonance sensor model 1,3 Bùi Hải Âu Vietnam male Physically Based Electro-Magnetic Material Modelling 1,1 Nguyễn Ngọc Huy Vietnam male The Mortar Contact Formulation Using The Dual Lagrange Multiplier 1,1 Nguyễn Đỗ Xuân Vinh Vietnam male T-spline based waveform inversion in frequency domain 1,2


Kavan Khaledi Iran male Methods of model approximation for mechanized tunneling 1,1
Guruprasad Papegowda India male Design and analysis of an fem-based IPMSM model used in hybrid- and electrical vehicle applications 1,2
Ehsan Sharei Iran male Development of a parabolic trough collector prototype made of micro reinforced ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) 1,3
Khiem Lu Trong Nguyen Vietnam male Slope modulation of waves governed by the sine-Gordon equation 0,9
Dung Tien Dinh Vietnam male Two-scale modeling for heterogeneous materials 1,2
Giang Hong Bui Vietnam male Comparative assessment of embedded crack formulations using enhanced finite elements 1,2
Thai Son Dang Vietnam male Isogeometric analysis: Investigation of computational performance and modeling of propagating cracks using T-splines 1,0
Erkan Bektas Turkey male Finite element analysis of mechanical properties of fibre-reinforced polymers 1,2
Ngoc Minh Nguyen Vietnam male Numerical modeling of propagating cracks using the NURBS-based extended finite element method 1,3
Minh Thuong Nguyen Vietnam male Numerical simulation of casing treatment for an axial compressor front stage rotor 1,3
Deniz Onur Turkey male Implementing centroidal voronoi tessellation meshing for computational fluid-structure-simulation in engine pump valve component 1,3
Hai Van Nguyen Vietnam female Finite element implementation for viscoplastic constitutive equations 1,3 Nguyễn Bình Dương Vietnam male Modelling polygonization in single crystals within the continuum dislocation theory 1,7 Phạm Nguyễn Huy Cường Vietnam male Fatigue life prediction of polymers under service loads 1,9
Musayev Khayal Azerbaijan male Simulation-based optimization and system identification of structural systems using FEA software 1,0
Yijian Zhan China male An anisotropic damage and homogenization model for reinforced concrete structures 1,2
Abdullah Alsahly Palestina male Path-dependent remeshing and variable transfer algorithms for the simulation of shield supported tunnel construction 1,2
Shorash Miro Syria male Micromechanical modeling of three-phase martensitic transformations 1,2
Yigit Yazicioglu Turkey male Numerical simulation and optimization of a nebulator in a crossflow 1,6

Muhammad Sabeel


Pakistani male Phase field methods for multi-phase flow simulations 1,7
Amir Khan Pakistan male Implementation of FETI and schur complement method in FEAPMEX 1,9
Mengmeng Zhou China female Numerical modelling of coupled water flow and heat flux in a porous medium 1,2
Medhi Goodarzi Iran male Computational approach to the 3-D representation of digital contour images of a bubble 1,2
Sabine Salloch Germany female Mesh adaption for the numerical simulation of microtunnel advance 1,3
Ali Javili Iran male Modelling brittle fractur by means of a fully variational approach 1,2
Ahmet Fatih Öztas Turkey male Modeling and numerical simulation of leakage flows in measurement chambers of food packages 1,8
Patrice Ngome Kangue Cameroon male Nonlinear ansitropic hardening law of metals at finite strain and finite torsion/shear problems of elastoplastic tubes 1,9
Na Li China female Non-linear dynamic analysis of roller coasters 1,3
Sudarat Worapittayaporn Thailand female hp-adaptivity using piecewise defined basis functions 1,3
Mohsen Gaeini Iran male Micromechanical simulation of the ductile damage process using cyclically loaded unit cell analysis 1,4
Binod Prasad Paudel Nepal male Developement and application of triangular/tetrahedral elements firmulation for non-local damage model with ABAQUS 1,5
Farhad Parvizian Iran male Computer modeling of parous shape memory alloys using finite element method 1,7 Mustafa Seckin Aydin Turkish male Finite element implementation of an elasto-plastic material model finite inelastic strains for ductile damage at finite inelastic strains 1,7
Shashank Gupta India male Finite element method updating for damage detection 1,0
Danijel Mocibob Slovenia male Design of a composite railway bridge according to the new european standards in short fibre composites 1,1
Naida Ademovic Bosnia and Herzegovina female Probabilistic simulation of RC members under long-term mechanical loading 1,6
Bojan Dimitrijevic Serbia male Developement of a stable algorithmus for a transverse isotropic damage-plasticity model for wood and application to pull-out tests of particleboard 1,3
Lidija Jovanovic Serbia female Simulation of the austenite-martensite phase transformation by boundary elements 1,4
Zoran Stankovic Serbia male Implementation of an objective time derivative into MARC 1,4
Sandra Klinge Serbia female Numerical determination of Green´s function induced by a screw dislocation in 2-D crystal 1,7
Sasa Jevtic Serbia male Algorithms for model reduction and the method of internal balancing for large scale dynamical 1,9
Hong Wang Chinese female Developement of a distributed engineering application using J2EE technology 1,9